There is a central Library at Kohalpur with well furnished, spacious study hall which covers 1,300 The library has capacity to accommodate around 200 readers at any given time. Separate sections have been provided for girls students and lady staff. Books and medical journals of different disciplines of medical sciences are in abundance. Along with the course books and reference books, plenty of reading materials is there in its collection. Newly added CD section provides advanced methodology of Hi-tech learning with the aid of computer. There is separate library at Chisapani & Nepalgunj too.

Students Conduct & Discipline

“Discipline is the key word to success” Proper conduct is expected from the students in the college and hostel. Authorities are strict in maintaining the discipline in and out of the campus. Students are expected to conduct themselves in the manner befitting the dignity of the medical profession. Use of intoxicants (Drugs, Alcohol, etc.) is strictly prohibited. Under the direct supervision of the principal, a proctorial board consisting of senior authorities of the campus maintains the rules and regulations of the campus. The board takes decision on issue of misconduct and takes appropriate corrective action and/ or punitive action as and when required. The Board decision remains final and binding. Every student should read the code of conduct before getting admitted. They are expected to act in accordance with the letter and spirit of the code of conduct during their in the campus.

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